Annual Preventative Maintenance

Our air conditioning and heating experts at Apostle Air recommend that your HVAC receive a thorough preventative maintenance check twice a year. If you sign up for an annual preventative maintenance agreement with Apostle Air, you will receive two visits per year in which your air conditioning and heating system will be thoroughly inspected. Below we have summarized our preventative maintenance checkup. If you have any questions or woulde like to schedule your annual preventative maintenance, please call us.

Our Preventative Maintenance Checkup Includes:

Check Freon Level
Examine Electrical Disconnect Box Connections
Test Voltages on Outside Unit
Test Compressors Amp Draw
Test Condenser Fan Motor Amp Draw
Examine Electrical Connections within the Condenser Electrical Box & Repair
Examine Contactor
Clean Condenser Coil
Examine Evaporator Coil
Examine Indoor Blower Wheel
Replace Filter
Test Float Switch
Inspect Emergency Drain Pan & Clear Debris
Vacuum Drain Lines
Check Indoor Fan Motor Amp Draw
Examine Indoor Electrical Connections
Test All Controls for Heating & Cooling
Check Capacitors
Test Thermostat Operation & Calibrate If Needed
Check Temperature Differential
You will also Receive a Final Report of Any Deficiencies or Repairs Needed

Our preventative maintenance agreements are designed to meet your needs and offer peace of mind. Our technicians are qualified to perform a thorough inspection that may show potential problems that can be corrected inexpensively before causing major repair bills. At Apostle Air your comfort is our specialty! You can trust that we will deliver an honest opinion at a cost that will remain affordable to the North Dallas HVAC industry.

Don't wait until you’re air conditioning system breaks down. If you have any questions or would like to enroll in our preventative maintenance agreement, please feel free to contact Apostle Air

5009 Stanley Drive | The Colony, TX 75056
5009 Stanley Drive | The Colony, TX 75056